Below is a collection of helpful source codes I've encountred.

{{:w:c:xean:User:XEAN}} - redirect profile

#REDIRECT [[w:c:merlin:Message Wall:XEAN]] - redirect message wall - background customization

transition: opacity 2s; To make a picture fade in and out instead of instantly appear.

<youtube>youtubecodehere</youtube> adding a youtube video

To clear cache, wait 24 hrs if an edit does not appear or: enter and run this complete code in Internet Explorer's Java Script console (F12): $.get(encodeURIComponent(mw.config.get("wgServer")) + "/index.php?action=purge&titles=" + encodeURIComponent(mw.config.get("wgPageName"))); (courtesy Lil' Miss Rarity: XEAN, The code I gave you tells the server that you want the newest version of the page, and it will fetch it, and all others, from the database thus adding your JS update with it- Lil' Miss Rarity).

For a Search box (courtesy Jr Mime): <input type="test" name="Search"></input> will create the input box <input type="Button" name="Search" VALUE="Search" onclick=""></input> will create the button Enter the javascript script in the onclick parameter. RansomTime may know the JS. Example code for searching chat logs including a search box (<verbatim>Chat-logs-search</verbatim>) at Penguin Chat Logs(courtesy Vicyorus)

Trial Search box codes, nonfunctional without JS: <input type="test" name="Search"></input> | <input type="Button" name="Search" VALUE="Search" onclick=""></input> | <form method="get" action="" target="_blank">

A bureaucrat or founder can ask Wikia staff to add legal links to the navbar like on Runescape's wiki.