Here we acknowledge the many contributors and Wikia staff who have helped build, maintain, advance and make XEANworld a reality.

  • 2Actimv - User page inspiration and help with theme coding. Tab, Menu, tab template,
  • Automoasis - Talk page inspiration.
  • Darkness Cowboy - Videoplayer and user page coding inspiration.
  • Fubuki - Helped with Wiki script for Xeanworld.
  • Jimmy Jim - The Founder of Wikia (who probably doesn't even know who's-whose world exists).
  • Joe- Aided Xean's early understanding of wiki page formatting and creation.
  • Jr Mime - Helped Xean with search box coding and other coding questions.
  • Kristi - Helped create base code for Xean's custom signature and with coding examples. Thanks Kristi!- Xean
  • Lihini - The admin of Merlinwiki.
  • Lil Miss Rarity - Helped work on Search engine function and shared purge cache JScript. JScript expert.
  • MerryStar - Community Manager Staff, Spam block help and Adoption requests.
  • Minerva - Italian language Helper and Translator.
  • Miyanlove - Helped with gif and profile questions. Topo Wiki.
  • Monchoman - Wikia coder. See also: Coding blog.
  • Penguin Pal Helped create a base search function code with Lil' Miss Rarity and Xean.
  • Sarah Manley - The first Wikia staffer of Xeanworld.
  • Scott - Blogger at Trek Initiative.
  • Sena - The Xean who made XEAN and ultimately XEANworld possible. Thank you! - Xean.
  • Sactage - Web designer and Community Central chat mod who helped with coding rounded boxes for the main page template. See also: Kyle.
  • Sannse - Community Central Staff who helped with questions and coding, including of Xean's talk/profile.
  • ShadowLurker - Wikianswers bureaucrat and expert in community bans, etc.
  • Slayingthehalcyon - Template help.
  • SpongeBob - Help with wiki transparency and code questions.
  • Star Angel - Co-Founder of Wikia (who likely doesn't know Xeanworld exists either.)
  • Tesseraktik - Klingon language expert and contributor who worked with Xean at Trek Initiative and the only person Xean has spoken Klingon with.
  • Yatalu - Helped with coding and various questions in Community Central chat.

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